Saturday, January 24, 2009

House Dinner

Last night was dinner with House 1 & 2. As usual we had so much fun. I had some great/funny conversations with Joseph and Steward.
The power went out for a while and Moses, Bram, Martin, and Stone sang to us, one of the songs they had written themselves. It was the highlight of Allison's and my night. It was beautiful.

But before the singing there was dancing...

Joseph was so proud of this amazing gold necklace, he let me keep it

The car ride home was a bit packed...

Today was my birthday and all i really wanted to do was hang out with the kids and have kind of a low-key day. I wasnt quite sure how to accomplish this since once you get the 20-25 house kids together they tend to go crazy. Allison suggested a movie and sodas at the Coffee Shop in town. I thought it was brilliant.
So this morning we went to the Coffee Shop and met the Oasis house kids for sodas and the movie "Enchanted"

Before the movie, we all had sodas and hung out taking pictures and talking...

They loved the movie. I was nervous the older boys might not enjoy it as much, but I sat next to Martin who thought it was hilarious. He even liked the music. I would dare to say the older boys enjoyed it more.