Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moving Day

Yesterday was the first day in the new center...Oh wait, i guess I forgot to mention that they got the property...I didnt want to speak too soon, but Geoffrey went to Uganda last week and worked everything out with the landlord.
Yesterday morning we got a text from Geoffrey saying that if we wanted to come to Oasis we would have to come to the new center!

As soon as we walked in and saw the students in the new classrooms we cried. It made me so happy to see the kids get to enjoy the new center. They deserve to have such a wonderful place and we were so happy to get to see them there before we left.

Class 1 Classroom

I just couldnt get it together. Especially when I saw the older boys in class. It made me so happy because I felt that these boys had more hope than ever. I was worried that soon they might stop coming to Oasis because they are too old to go to primary school. Their only hope was vocational training, which on its own is too expensive, but now that Oasis has the new center, part of it is planned to be used for vocational training.
Class 5