Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last House Dinner

Last night was the last house dinner with the all the boys and Chris...
Good thing we had multiple cameras to capture all the action

The boys now have a well just outside their front door...

Inside the well

Lilac armwrestled and proved she was stronger than the boys

Evans danced and played hard to get with me...again

Paul & Justus made dinner

Braum took turns with Martin DJ'ing

Andrew and Paul worked on their posing, sychcronicity

and Steward was trying to teach me something, though Im still not quite sure what

Moses was caught a bit off gaurd

Oh Steward, he was obviously feeling better after his bout with Malaria

Martin loves the ladies

Last group photo with Chris
Yesterday afternoon was spent at Discover to Recover, well it started there and then we made our way to Patricia Sawa's home for lunch and a big party with the kids

"This party's good!"


What's a party without Benja's crack?

Andrew loves picking on this poor cow

Benja's photo shoot


This kid's pretty damn cute

BFF Derrick and Benja

Stella trying to steal the "sweeties" meant for the kids, its ok I stole one too

Ian, I freaking love this little troublemaker



Just a kid having lunch with a cow, no big deal...

After Discover to Recover we went home for a bit to get ready for dinner with the house boys...