Monday, January 5, 2009

Stock Me Up!

Today we finished the rest of the school shopping, well for the most part...we still have to exchange books and pick up a big order of socks...but overall its done...
we got up really early and headed into town to get everything together. Then we brought it back to the house to organize everything for each student...

The organizing process

These pyjamas look comfortable

New pyjamas, theyre going to be huge on the boys, but they can grow into them

The girls nightgowns

What all do you need to start a new school term in Kitale, Kenya? Why toilet paper, shoe polish, vaseline, bar soap, and toothpaste of course!

Allison and I had an interesting time with this part...we had to shop for and put together all the boys underwear...the younger boys weren't so bad cuz they're cute little kids...we just don't really want to think about or know what kind of underwear the older boys like Elvis or Kevin is walking around in...something just doesn't feel right

I took to organizing the clothes while Allison organized all of the cleaning supplies like toothbrushes toothpaste, soap, and shoe polish...About 45 minutes later we had everything ready to go...

A closer look

First school stop, Purpose Driven Academy, where we have about 11 kids in school

"The boot"

This is Shaban, we fight and yell at each other "Enda Kipsongo!" which means "Go to Kipsongo!" (the worst slum in Kitale), but we really love each other...

Allison handing Rael her new materials


Donald and Amos

Acdon is a great student...

Kitale Family students recieving their new materials

Acdon and Sheila = brother and sister

Elizabeth, Sheila, Acdon, Donald, Amos, and Crydon

Off they go, they grow up so fast...