Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Steve got in town last night to prepare for the Saddleback teams arrivals on thursday. So last night was spent catching up and hanging out.
This morning we went to Oasis and hung around the center.
Ive been meaning to take pictures of our walk that we take each day to Oasis and have always forgotten.
We leave our compound, walk through Milimani, and walk these train tracks right up to Oasis...

The tracks

Later we took John Ekai, formerly of House 2 to boarding school at Purpose Driven Academy.

After dropping John off and seeing some of the Oasis kids who board there we had lunch at the Alakara Hotel, and then went to see property which could hopefully end up being the new Oasis site. We were super excited to see it and its just around the corner
from our house.

The property used to be a hospital and training center, but the woman who owned it passed away about 2-3 years ago so the property has just been sitting there ever since...

Can you imagine the classes that could be held in here?

Crematory Table, uuggghhh...

Allison and I thought this was the creepiest looking hallway complete with door...Anyone remember the Shinning?

Around the other side

View from inside..beautiful

This was one of my favorite parts...the open field for the kids to be able to play soccer and other games on a field and not have to worry about smashing their toes on the train tracks.

The property is beautiful and would be amazing for Oasis' educational and vocational schools they want to build. It brought tears to my eyes and made me so happy to imagine all the center kids runing around that compound. Especially the older boys who its too late for them to go to regular school but not vocational school. It made me so excited to think of boys like P.I.G., Charles, Babu, Etao, and Collins, who are running out of time, but if Oasis' vocational school works out they can recieve some great training...this is all excited theory right now, but its great to think of the possibilites...so pray