Friday, July 3, 2009

Catching up pt. 2

We've done so much this week, i can't keep up with the days so im just going to blog about it all as if it were wone big cassie's camera keeps dying so we dont get to take as many pictures....

One day Freda was having another medical clinic in Kipsongo. I really wanted Cassie to see it after my first experience with it about a year ago. I thought we were only going to get to be around the medical clinic, but we were fortunate enough to get to walk into the village so she could meet some of the people who live there and see their homes.

This little one kept poking his head in through the whole in the clinic

Good ole' Richard, a favorite of mine

Freda put cassie to work pouring syrups and labeling bottles

Earlier in the week we went to a primary school down the road called Shimo La Tewa Primary...which Steve originally told us meant "The Snake Pit" but later found out it means something serene like, "the bridge over the valley"...
There is a water pump that is one of the only fresh water pumps in the area, but it has been dry lately because there has been almost no rain....

Then as if an answer to prayer, this huge storm rolled in and dumped a bunch of rain on Kitale

Theres definitely more updates to come, i just can't stay awake.

catching up

So theres quite a bit to get caught up on and im not really sure where to start...the last thing I remember not blogging about was our dinner with the house boys last sunday, so i guess Ill start there...
we went over Sunday evening and helped the boys make dinner and watched a movie, plus the usual running around that comes with it all...

Martin in a goofy mood

Joseph and his fake diamond earring...


Steward has a new hat

Pato made some good chipati

Stone's faces only get better with age

Apparently the boys wrestled a bit while the rest of us were in the kitchen working


Cassie and I both agree, one of our favorite things is the house dinners, and there will definitely need to be a few more before we go.