Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

We took a break from teaching yesterday so we could take the kids from Freda's hospital to the pool like usual on thursdays




Elia wouldn't bend his legs to jump so he would kind of just lean into the pool

We decided to bring back an old hairstyle, Kenyans thinkwe have weird hair anyway so why not?
Ladies and gentlemen, the Ben Franklin

Allison and I also had some fun jumping off the diving board for about 20 minutes after the kids were done swimming. Gold medal material really...Cannonballs, Jackknifes, Russians, 360's, you would have been impressed
Today, back to Class 7 Science
Yesterday was my turn with Class 8 and we literally worked on Science and Social Studies from 9:30AM to 3:45PM.

Allison in her full uniform

I only had the shirt

Break time

Steward and Dorcas

Joseph, who after all this time, we found out his name was Godfrey

Martin, Johnstone, and Justus are crazy with how much they love to learn. It got to be break time and I asked if they wanted to go outside and they refused at least 4 times, so we kept going with the lessons.

It was great though because time flew without even knowing it.
Its great to have such small classes because we can take our time and discuss everything in depth and the kids can ask questions.
We covered some great topics like animals and their different types of defense mechanisms, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, the different types of teeth, how the different types move, evolution, and archeology. This all lead to discussion of other topics not in the book such as Aero Dynamics, the Amazon, Boa Constrictors, submarines...We are not teaching today so that we can take Freda's kids to the pool, since we didn't get to go last week.
In our place Geoffrey will be teaching Swahili, lessons will continue tomorrow...