Saturday, June 27, 2009

House party!

Yesterday we went to Kitale Family/Lighthouse because they had a Family Sports day. Geoffrey asked us to go and represent some of the Oasis kids' families.
I had no idea what to expect and I was kind of hoping we could just support from the cheering section, but I should have known that wasn't going to be a possibility.
It was Cassie, me, and 3 of our Rwandan roommates that ended up going and we ended up having a really great time.

A view of the field

Our Rwandan roommate Hannah

The bottle race, which Cassie and I came in dead last...Whatever, Kenyan women carry huge bundles on their heads all the time, totally unfair advantage.

They also had this awesome game for the nursery kids where they blindfolded them and then threw candy and them and had them crawl on the ground to find it...hilarious!

I think my favorite was when they had a balloon blowing race and the objective was to blow up the balloon until it burst, problem was none of their balloons were popping so the kids were more likely to passout.

Hannah and her home made binoculars...

We also played futbol, female teachers vs. female parents, and the game ended with us winning and me getting a broken least we won!

Hannah and Janet liked the music


Last night we went to the Girls House to have dinner. 6 of us from the house went over and hung out and had dinner for a few hours.
As usual it was so much fun

I love Arsenal!

Cassie giving a piggyback ride

Oh Rael

Mama Rebekah

It started to rain

The girls loved Cassie

This might be my favorite picture...

There were quite a bit of people in that house