Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner With Richard

On Tuesday we went over to Richard's and had dinner with him and 2 of the kids that live on their compound. Freda's granddaughter Ida and a boy named Davis.
Freda has been in America since the beginning of January and comes back next week, so its just Richard and the kids at their house.
Richard and I were talking the other night and he mentioned how he loved Western movies. I asked if he had seen "Tombstone", a personal favorite, Western or otherwise, and he said he never had. So we decided to have dinner and watch Tombstone.

Between power outages and Davis & Ida's playing we had a nice dinner and watched "a cinema." It was a nice evening. Richard said that Davis had a lot of energy but we didnt really believe him because hes so quiet. I guess we were wrong....

I gotta give it to the kid, he's got personality...

I Got Worms, Not Me Actually, Alice

Alice has's my proof...

It's harmless, she got some cream from Freda's and it will be gone in a couple of days, she says it just itches a lot.

Alice has said the whole time she's been here that she has an immune system of steel because Chris and I got Malaria and she hasn't, well now I can say "False, you got ringworm."