Saturday, January 10, 2009

Women's Prison

We just got back from an amazing morning at the womens prison where our friend James works at.
Some saturday mornings we go out to the women's section of the prison and just spend time with the women and their babies, whom they're allowed to keep with them until they are around 4 years old, and sing, share from the Bible, and pray with them.
This morning we went and thought we were only going to be there a short time, but ended up staying for almost 2 hours. It was amazing to see the faces of these women.

We each shared one of our favorite verses from the New Testament and why it was a favorite. Allison and Andrew spoke from Ephesians, I spoke from Hebrews 11, Umi's was from John, our friends Felix and James spoke from Philippians and Romans...Between all of us I think we covered the New Testament pretty well...
Then one of the women prisoners shared her favorite verse and then Jane, the women's prison pastor...
Its almost impossible to describe to anyone an amazing moment in your life and get them to understand, but this morning at the prison was one of those moments. At the end 10 women inmates decided to accept Christ into their hearts. I've been present when people decide to become Christians so many times, and not to downplay those moments at all, but there was just something different and super intimate about getting to be there with these women this morning.
We don't see them everyday, in fact, we dont go there as often as we would like, but the prison definitely holds a special place in our hearts, so to be a part of this morning, I feel so blessed. Keep these women in your prayers, they are truly beautiful and wonderful women

Pool Day

Yesterday was pool day! I have some good news to go along with it...We went to the hospital to pick up the kids to take them to the pool, but we found out that we were going to be a few kids short. Esther and Joyce, the 2 oldest girls, were sponsored and would be at school. We were sad they wouldn't be joining us, but it didn't compare to how happy we were to see them go to school.

Some of the kids at Freda's school/feeding program

Once we loaded up the kids we were off to the Kitale Club for swimming
Morgan and Elia

Cute Morgan

Freda's daughter-in-law Susan and her daughter Gail


You can barely see Dottie she's so small

Old Man Moses

I call this one "Dottie the refugee"

These kids love to stick their tongues out...notice a pattern?

Again with the tongue

Mine and Moses' feet, I'll give you one guess...

Morgans a born poser

Look at my little man

Im sorry he's just too dang cute

After the pool we dropped the kids back off at the hospitale and put them to bed for their afternoon nap. Richard had to take Freda's mom back to her home in Kiminnini, which is about a 20 min drive out of town, then 30 min off the main road. I had never been there before so we just went with him. Im glad we did. It was a fun little adventure and I got to see another part of Kenya I'd never been to before...
The road to Kiminnini

The view from Freda's mom's house

Richard was explaining how they build houses in her area. He said first they make the structure out of wood, like this, then fill it in with mud and then once that has dried, you plaster the outside with cow dung

Some of the neighborhood kids