Saturday, November 22, 2008


So on Wednesday at Oasis, I taught class 4 & 5 Social Studies, as per request of a street boy named Kevin. I picked Democracy and Human Rights, a favorite subject of mine.

So as we progressed through the lesson, we came to talk about the politcal parties in Kenya. The main ones are ODM Orange Democratic Movement) and PNU (Party of National Unity).

ODM party symbol

Kenyan Crest

The kids got quite interested in talking about the two parties and a couple times Manu, one of the teachers, and I had to quiet them down again. So we decided to have a friendly debate over the 2 parties and what each of them stands for. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but they had a soccer match, so it's been postponed for now.

The current President, Kibaki, is PNU and the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, is ODM. I don't know how much people in the states know about what happened here almost a year ago, but there was a lot of political turmoil and violence after the elections in Dec. About 1,300 people were killed when rioting broke out over Kibaki, who is Kikuyu, winning the election amid allegations from the Luyas, Odinga's tribe, that accused Kibaki and his tribe of rigging the election.

Things have settled down here since the 2 parties we able to reach a power-sharing agreement last spring. But I've been trying to do some research as to who stand for what, so if you know or can provide a good link let me know, Im having a bit of a time on google...

I love Saturdays

We have taken this saturday morning off and are just relaxing a bit. I love saturday mornings here where we don't have to set the alarm clock and can just sleep in and hang out. Its beautiful and more quiet than normal here on saturdays, bonus! We've had pretty busy weeks since everyone's friend's have been in town.
These past couple of weeks have flown by. I remember when we were saying, "I can't wait till Katie gets here..." and now the last of our friends will leave tomorrow, crazy...

A couple of Allison's friends from London joined us Monday night and just left Last night (not sure why I capitalized last), they were Pete and Becca Brierley, and I was sad to see them go.

You know when you meet quality people, you just enjoy them? Well, that's them. They immediately were personable and fun. They worked for an organization called Oasis back in the UK. They are taking this next year off to travel around the world to visit all of the different Oasis projects around the world. This includes Uganda, South Africa, India, Thailand, Australia, and South America. Its an incredible journey and Im kind of jealous they'll be getting to go to so many amazing places. All that to say, you should should give their blog a read because they're just that cool...It's

We're spending the afternoon with the Oasis boys so hopefully we'll have some good pictures from that so show for later