Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oasis Contact info

Ive had a lot of people emailing me and asking how they can help Oasis and the boys who were stolen from.
The best thing to to would be to contact the American Director, Lydia Monroe. Anything you donate is tax deductable and goes straight to the kids…Here is how you can reach her…
So many options...

You can email her at

You can mail a check made out to Oasis of Hope:

Oasis of Hope
1600 East Mcfadden Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Or you can go to the myspace page and donate on a credit card through the groundspring site (blue donate now button)
if you want to use a credit card...
If you have any questions get in touch with me or Lydia

It brought tears to my eyes to read everyone’s emails about wanting to help. Thank you so much for loving this organization and these kids as much as I do and helping. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we don’t take it for granted and you are an absolute blessing. And believe me when I say, these kids know who you are. We talk about home and friends and family all the time.

House 2

Oasis and Shimo

Oasis boys, Evans and James

Yesterday was spent hanging out with the kids at Oasis. There was no class and they just washed uniforms so it was a pretty relaxing day. Nothing too eventful, other than the funny kids...
Kamao. I carried this little man around for about 30-45 min visiting and picking on all the different groups of kids...he was like my little backpack

Steward in his new clothes

After Oasis around 5-530 we went to a slum just down the road from where we live called Shimo Le Tewa. Some of the Oasis kids and their families live there and didn't have basic things like blankets, soap, and flour, so we wanted to visit the families and take some things to them.
Our first stop was Amos and James home. They had been living with their uncle until he lost his job a couple of days ago and the uncle just up and left and moved to Eldoret, about an hour and half away, to find another job, just leaving them alone in the house. We don't know if he'll come back but the boys are just living there for now. I asked Geoffrey how much rent cost a month and he said about 200-300 shillings, which is equal to less than $5, crazy...

Amos and James

Next, we went to Elizabeth and Teresa's house. This family has to be the sweetest. Elizabeth is 14 and Teresa is about 6. They have a brother, David who is around 12-13. They come to the center everyday and are a great family, so I was really excited to get to visit them.

Teresa on Camp Day

The bridge leading into Shimo...


Next we went to the area of Shimo where a handful of girls from Oasis live, Jennifer, Celinah, and Irene (the little girl who had the jiggers in her feet). One of the homes we visited was actually the mother of Pato who lives in House 3 and Ajix who lives in the girls house. She probably has like 8 kids running around and they all look like her and Pato.

The smallest of Pato's siblings

The Oasis girls, holding it down in Shimo

Since we were already in Shimo and near one of the boys homes we went to house 3 for dinner. Of coarse we brought our cameras and of coarse they were returned with some really great pictures...

What's that? You want some of this cash? Too bad, Wiki had to borrow it from the house dad...