Monday, December 15, 2008

2nd to Last

Today is Chris' second to last day here in Kenya. He wanted to spend both today and tomorrow at Oasis with all the kids before he left.
It was a typical day with school and soccer, but when it came to craft time, all the kids made going away cards for him. It was ridiculously cute what they all wrote to him, Im sure he will post about it soon.
One of my best friends from America, Jason, called while we were at Oasis and a couple of the kids talked to him on the phone. It was awesome.
So here you go J some faces to put with the voices you heard.
First was Teresa. Shes so tiny and doesn't speak much English so I just had her and her group of friends talk to him in Swahili. Her tiny voice is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Next was Steward, he has great English and I knew that with his personality he would be hilarious to talk to.

And finally cute Moses who asked Jason, "What time is it?" and when Jason said 4Am he told him "Aye bwana, thats too late, you should sleep." ha!

We are having one final dinner for Chris tonight with the people who work here at the house and some of Chris' closest friends, like Geoffrey, Olivia, James, Freda, and Richard...