Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Streets

Before Andrew left today he went in town to say goodbye to some of the street kids we see everyday in town. These are the kids who for some reason refuse to come to Oasis. They say they are starving and we tell them Oasis will feed them for free, but they still choose to not come.

So sometimes if we have to go to the supermarket we'll buy an extra bag or two of bread and give it to some of the boys we meet...

This is Joseph, he's one of the older boys who "looks after" and supplies glue for the younger boys...

Sometimes they show up at Oasis, but most times we only see them on the streets. Its crazy and heartbreaking to look at boys like Martin, Evans, Bram, and Moses and know that was once them.



The teachers of Kenya have gone on strike to demand more money form the government. This only affects public schools, not private, so there are some schools that are still in session, like Purpose Driven and Kitale Family, where we have quite a few students.
Of course this still affects Kitale Forest and Milimani Primary, where we also have a ton of students. So instead of letting the kids just sit home and do nothing or possibly get themselves into trouble we decided to have the kids report to Oasis and the lower classes would be taught by Manu and Allison and I would teach class 7 and 8. She took Maths, English, and Creative Arts. I took Science, Social Studies, and CRE

All the kids reporting for school this morning

Ajix, Rael, Janet, and Dorcas

David, Pato, Wiki

Moses and Steward



Johnstone and Moses

I love Dorcas


Martin and Joseph

Yes, we actually had class...

The younger classes

Some of the older classes

Class 7

Class 8

Today also happened to be Andrew's last day...

The whole group

Up next is Allison and I...I'm not sure what to do considering I've been crying the entire time Ive been writing this blog...Dear Lord, "Beer me strength."