Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Thursday

Today was thursday, so that means 2 things...
1.) It's pool day!
2.) Great picture opportunities...
So here you go

Ester felt she needed to wash Elia, look at his hair...hes so close to having a fro!

Gail pitched a fit about getting into the water...

Until she decided she loved it, what a baby

Al & Moses

Im sorry but he's the cutest little man, such a poser

Morgan & Moses

Jaci is so tiny she's really cold quickly and has to bundle up, can you believe she's 3 and still that small?

Bet you didn't know we get to do this on our way to work...

Tomorrow is PE at Kitale Forest, so I'm super amped. I bought a bunch of sports equipment to use for their class.
Then on Monday we're going to Lodwar and Kakuma up in the Turkana region of Kenya to visit some IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps with Ben from Gilgol. Im really excited for this trip, but I know its going to be a challenging experience. The people in these camps are refugees from Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and even the DRC(Democratic Republic of Congo)
We'll be up there for a week, so you might not hear from us, but we'll definitely have some stories to tell from that...Goodnight!