Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mt. Elgon

Today Steve took all of us up to Mt. Elgon, which is about an hour and a half away, to distribute relief supplies of blankets, corn, and of all things maxi pads:) to the community. I hate maxi pads, but they are like gold here.

Cassie enjoyed the car ride. It was a really beautiful.

These kids like the taste of tetanus...

A ton of people turned out for the distribution, which also included a medical clinic from Freda.

As we looked around we notice there weren't many men in the crowd. Steve reminded us that when the clashes happened a year and a half ago, most of the men in the community were killed, leaving the women and kids behind.

Steve called Cassie up and had her help put a blanket on one of the oldest mamas in the village. She especially loved it when they sang and danced because they were so happy to receive the supplies.

A couple of cute mamas...

Matt gave out corn rations.

Cassie loved this baby...

Cute Richard hanging out at the clinic, he's always a hit with the ladies.

On the way home we saw and effective Kenyan way to travel...Don't worry Tooey, Cassie will not be doing this...for a few weeks.