Friday, December 5, 2008

Discover to Recover

Today we went to Discover to Recover. Allison and Chris go every friday, but I taught at Kitale Forest and the last couple of times have been to tired to go, so it's been a while since I have been there.
It was a lot of fun and the kids are great. Allison and I had an eventful piki piki ride to the center and when we got there we discovered there were some people shooting a documentary on Patricia Sawa and the Discover to Recover Center.

The kids also had graduation and at the end of the day they got all their marks. They were so excited.

Peter working the video camera



one of the teachers


Little trouble maker Ian

Elias and Mary


Monica posed for a series of pictures in her pretty dress

Here are some pictures from wed. when we went and visited the house boys at a youth retreat in Kipsongo, it was at a really nice church that was actually afiliated with Pastor Bonifus and his church that we visited in Lodwar..


This ones for my boss at World Vision

Evans, who when i greeted him happened to accidentally injure my toe, I beat him up and then we were square


Elvis and Esokon.

Timo before

Timo after


Yesterday was spent with Richard and Freda and the 7 kids that live at her hospital, we took them to the pool at the Kitale Club which I think is a favorite not just for the kids but us too. Steve just got back into town for a couple days before he heads to the Congo, so he joined us for the day.
The car ride to the Kitale Club



Tiny Jaci and Ester


This is our new friend Andrew, he got in Tuesday morning and will be here until March. He's jumped in with everything and the kids already love him.




Moses was getting his praise on poolside

After the pool we had some chips (french fries) and hung out before we headed back to the hospital for lunch. Elia fell asleep on me during the car ride home. He can be a bit of butt, but its moments like that that make me want to take him home...
At Fredas we just had lunch and I cut Richards hair before we headed home to make dinner for our friends who run the Gilgol High School I teach Geography at, Ben and Christine...We haven't seen them for quite a while, since school's been out, so it was nice to catch up.
Today is Oasis and Discover to Recover...I can't believe Im just getting up and everyone else is just about to go to sleep...
I also think Im figuring out my system for blogging and emailing, hopefully my Computer will return to normal soon