Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today was definitely interesting and stretched me a bit…we went to a part of Kitale called Kipsongo. And through all my missions trips I thought I’ve seen most everything there is to see. Before coming to Kitale I felt as though I had a handle on what poverty and the 3rd world looked like. Not to say that I was desensitized, but I could handle it.
You know what Bono said about God being in the slums and in the cardboard boxes? I found myself asking where was the Lord today as we walked through Kipsongo.
It sounds harsh and Im not saying that to make it sound like I lost my faith or questioned the Lord’s sovereignty in all of my surroundings, but its another realization that Im going to struggle with and have to work through…It’s a different kind of poverty than I’ve seen.

This woman suffered from Elephantitis

There are so many stories from today that I could write about and I actually really want to but at the same time I don’t want to feed into what Im already feeling, and I also feel that these people deserve more than those stories. If I was in the middle of it all and trying desperately try to see where God was in the middle of it, I can't imagine what these people think...Where does their hope come from? They deserve more than being thought of as nothing so instead Ill let the pictures speak for themselves and if you want to know more you can email me...I also ask that you pray for Kipsongo. One thing I was thankful for was Pastor John and the fact that there was a church attempting to work...
I'm thankful for being here because it yet again shows me that just because I've been on a ton of missions trips doesn't mean I've seen it all and I'm also glad because as much as it hurts and sucks to experience all these things as if I never have before, I'm glad my heart hasn't hardened...
This woman was drunk and had passed out in a gutter before villagers moved her to her hut...it was 2PM.
This boy was 18 months old and 1 of 5 children who's mother was dying

These kids mother had just died and they had been living in the hut with her body for 5 days...