Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Made my Friday Night

This is how Simiyu is coming home with me...


We went to church at Oasis this shoot always to follow...

Charles, Esokon, Justus, and Morgan

Bram and Martin

Ajix and her sister Christine

Martin and Evans

Dorcas and Charlotte

Faith and her partners in crime



Justus, Charles, and Johnstone

This is one of my favorite sequences that I like to call,
The many faces of Evans "Matrix," as he calls himself


This afternoon we took a family from Oasis to the Coffee Shop to get chips and milkshakes, I know real healthy. It was actually 2 sisters and their brother. Elizabeth, David, and Teresa used to come to Oasis everyday, but just recently have been sponsored to go to school. They now attend Milimani Primary. Elizabeth is in class 5, David is class 3, and Teresa is in nursery class...They are such good kids and have worked so hard to go to school. I thought it would be a fun thing, especially since they never get to do anything like it.

The walk home, Teresa insisted on swinging..the whole way...Her poor mother probably thought I dragged her through the dirt.

Afterwards we went to House 2 to watch Arsenal vs. Hull City (soccer) with all of the house boys...Martin had called earlier to tell me that the game started at 3. I asked "are you sure? Because online it said the game was at 5:30, possibly as late as 7:30PM."
And he assured me it was at 3...So we got there around 345 only to find out that the game was actually at 815...Nice. Turns out that Chelsea was playing at 530, so we in the meantime I helped some of the boys revise and do homework...Apparently there was also a photo shoot, because these were found on my camera...

I had to leave before the game was over, but it was still really fun. Watching football in a room full of teenage Kenyan boys is hilarious. Theyre all shouting at the TV in swahili and making fun of the players and talking about how they could do everything better...F-U-N