Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Pollutor and Football

Yesterday some of the Oasis house boys came over and hung out for a while. We played football (soccer), catch, volleyball, and Chris wrestled with Stuard and Joseph. I brought out my computer and Elvis and Moses played DJ as they made a playlist and danced...At one point, I just sat off to the side watching, and thought of the day when my life won't consist of these Kenyan teenage boys and it made me sad. I was so happy to be in that moment hanging out, but didn't want to consider 4 months from now...
Towards the end, Martin, Johnstone, Justus, and Joseph wanted to pick fruit from one of our guava trees.
I showed them where it was and we all climbed up into the tree. I dont know how good of a decision this actually was since the tree is pretty scrawny, but in the end no one fell out.

We were talking about what good guavas look like and how you can tell the ones that have dudu (bugs).

It was fun sitting up in the tree, just talking and somehow we ended up on the subject of polluting (what Kenyans call a fart). I think it started when the cows walked by us and it smelled bad...Anyways, I turned to Joseph on the branch to my right and asked his if his pollutes were were the worst in his house and he laughed and said no. I turned to Johnstone, who was laughing his little high-pitched squeal laugh, when I heard someone fart and then felt, no joke, felt the tree branch I was holding vibrate. I looked back at Joseph who now had the biggest smile on his face, while trying to look innocent.
All the boys of coarse thought this was hilarious, and I have to admit I couldn't stop laughing either. I had to stop and hold my breath for a minute though, because the scent that followed was awful, which only made them laugh more...

This could possibly prove 2 things, 1. The boys apparently feel comfortable enough to "pollute" around us and 2. Guavas give you instant gas...

The Last One

So the last friend left today. Chris' friend Matt just left, so it will be considerably quiet around here. I'm honestly sad to see all the friend's go. It livened things up a bit.

It puts things in perspective, it seemed like last week that it was 2 months until they were coming and now that time has come and passed. It's crazy and sad to realize that Chris will be the next to head home. Then before we know it it will be our turn...We've all said we dont know if we'll be ready for it.
I remember my friends Rachel and Nicci, whom both have lived overseas, saying that the time would fly by. I adamantly disagreed with them. Well, I now have to eat my words because I find myself thinking I don't know how time could go any faster. Hopefully it won't.