Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This afternoon was my 2nd class at Gilgol High School. It's supposed to be Geography but somehow it has turned into a Geology class. I wasn't as nervous today, but Im still getting used to it
Photo Credit Allison

After my class we had a great discussion time. They asked about all kinds of things including Kenyan Economics and politics and we actually got onto the subject of AIDS/HIV...
I talk about this everyday with one of my jobs back home and it was so surreal to be standing in a classroom in the middle of Kenya talking and listening to a discussion about this same subject, but it's actually affecting THESE people.

After that it was time for Chris to teach PE...

I taught some of the kids how to catch and throw a baseball...I was surprised by how none of them knew how to...Again, another assumption on my part

Newton reading his newspaper

I just love Clinton, he is the sweetest kid. He is one of the orphans that lives with Ben & Christine, who run Gilgol.

This is Caleb, Allison and Chris love to torture this kid,but in their defense, he makes it waaayy to fun not to...

Tomorrow is Pool Day!