Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oasis Center

Yesterday was spent running around town again trying to get the rest of all the school supplies for the kids and then going to the various schools to drop them off...After going into town and getting everything we went to Oasis to pick up Sammy and take him to his first day of school ever. He was so excited.

This is who greeted us as we arrived
These are the beautiful girls that live down the street in a slum called Shimo Le Tewa....If we catch them at the right time we all walk to Oasis together

First up Kitale Family

Sammy and all his new school stuff

Look at that smile

Donald and Crydon

Then onto Milimani

Dorcas and Ajix were the only ones out of all the house kids that would come and talk to us...
They say they get teased by their classmates...I say now we know who really loves us...

Look for it on the cover of next month's Hot Rod magazine

Ajix and Dorcas

Ajix and her beautiful should hear her laugh, its the best

Geoffrey and the girls