Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me & my little man Jona's from Hannah's in Addis

Street boys from Ambo (Noma is 2nd from the right)

Me & Allie

Sister Freda's

Our home!

Today was awesome. We had to “run errands” so I was able to see most of the places we are going to be working at and just getting to see a little bit more of Kitale. I loved it, it was really great to get into things a little more…One of my favorite places we went to was Sister Freda’s.

    It’s a medical clinic among other things. But a couple days ago here at the house, some of the Ukrainian women who are also living here at the compound with us and working at Sister Freda’s, told us about a woman and her son who had been brought to Sister Freda’s from a village outside of town.

      They were covered in maggots that had literally been eating away at them. The mother could only moan and the son was mute because of the mothers inability to speak. They had been living at a man’s compound when he had died and they never left, so for the last couples of years they had been neglected. The mother had finally crawled to the neighbors. But it was crazy because of the way she looked, she was completely white and covered with maggots so the neighbors thought she was a ghost and were afraid. They finally took her in and took her to Sister Freda’s for help.

    Her progress was amazing! I was so thankful for people like Sister Freda and the world that she does…I can’t wait to see what kind of work were going to get to be a part of with her