Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here Comes the Sun, Little Darlin...Do Dun Do Do

Today was such a great day. Nothing too eventful but just a good day all around.
We were at Oasis most of the day. Late I went to Kitale Forest Primary with Geoffrey to drop off some school supplies and talk to the deputy about my PE schedule and the incorrect tests that Allison found.
After, we visited Geoffrey’s wife’s salon across town. Our friend James met us in town and joined us. It’s a really nice salon and Allison and I are going to try and go soon to get pedicures…
James and I left the salon and went to fax some things and then we went to the the World Vision offices here in Kitale. I got to go to WV in Lodwar and just recently have noticed the signs for the World Vision office here in Kitale. Apparently, they don’t have a problem with people just popping in randomly here so we just went.

Our friend James

The director was in Nairobi but we met with the rest of the staff and it again made me so excited. The accountant’s name was Job and he said that he would give me a call as soon as the director got back in town, so we’ll see if I get to do anything with them in the future.
I found out that they just set-up here in August and have programs with about 3,000 local farmers that were affected by the post-election violence last year...Because of the violence they weren't able to plant as usual affecting their crops and livlihood(?)...They also have programs to promote peace in the region.

Once I got home I, with the help of the Ukrainians, started preparing dinner for tonight. We were hosting Sister Freda and her husband Richard. They said they loved Italian food so I decided to make lasagna. I’ve never made lasagna before so I was a little nervous, but everything turned out alright.

Allison and Chris provided the entertainment while we cooked and it carried over to dinner. It was so much fun to just be with them outside of working with them.

Allison was trying to get Richard to make a fish face

Chris really likes Yulia...(not like that)

And she gets really embarrased...

We caught Richard looking at some pretty girls in Allison's photobook...Look at that face, he's so guilty


We held an impromptu photo shoot after which these are the results…

I taught Richard "the Joseph"

Richard and all his ladies

Tonight was just so much fun because of the company. At one point I just looked around the table and smiled because of the amazing people we were with and each one’s individual personality, life, and talents. Richard and Freda have got to be some of the most amazing people I have met in my life and it never would have happened had I not moved here. The crazy thing is, they’re just being themselves…They’re just being who God called them to be…I hope when I am their age I can be half of what they are.