Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today was another eventful day at Oasis. Not really as much as yesterday but still plenty to keep things interesting.
I was glad things worked out the way they did because Sister Freda was going to do a medical clinic in Kipsongo, A.K.A. the worst slum I’ve ever been to, today which I wanted to go to, but she postponed it til Thursday. So I was secretly happy because I wouldn’t have to leave Oasis early.

Manu told me when I got there that Joseph was really upset because he had just found out that his grandmother who lived in Kipsongo, was really sick and could possibly die soon. He asked me to go talk to him. So not thinking he would really open up to me I went and sat with him and told him Manu told me all about his grandma and we just sat and talked while he cried. He told me he wanted to send her back to Lodwar, where they are from so she could be with family. I didn’t know if it would work because of the cost, but then I remembered the free clinic Freda was having in Kipsongo and asked him if we could take her to that and see where to go from there. He seemed to feel ok afterwards because he smiled and promptly jumped up and ran off to play futbol.

As a continuation from yesterday, Steward and a few of the boys went into town to meet the boy who stole all of the things from house 2. One of the boys who stole from house 2 used to be very involved at Oasis and all the boys knew him very well. He asked Steward to meet him today at the bus station in town, but when the boys got there the conductor told them that he had seen the boy yesterday leaving town, with a box that said Mose on it. So much for that. But who knows, things have a funny way of working out here, so we’ll see what happens.

Later on, Violet, who teaches the little kids at Oasis asked if I could talk to the girl who was raped. I can’t say I’ve had any formal training on how to counsel someone in this area. I just prayed and tried to think how I would want someone to talk to me, if anyone even, after such an experience. She was shaking the whole time. Violet said it was her medicine. I don’t know if it helped at all but Violet said it did. I was relieved when she said she felt it was bad luck and she wasn’t angry, it was just going to be a hard process…That’s probably more than I could say at that time.

Another great part of the day was when Kevin, one of my favorite street boys, told me that I was his friend, and he didn’t just friend, he said I was his “real friend” and that he didn’t want me to go in Feb. At that point I became a real girl and teared up. This kid has been playing a cat and mouse game since I’ve been here, loving me one day then not talking to me the next. It’s the little things in life right?

Kevin and P.I.G...try and guess which one he is.

The little girl that had the jiggers yesterday didn'tget any more taken out today, we're waiting until tomorrow.

After Oasis, I walked into town with Moses, Elvis, and Steward to get a few things at the store and then walked home with them. I have to say some of my favorite times are walking home with one or a few of the boys because it makes for memorable conversation, usually very funny topics and good discussion.

The boys came in for a bit under the pretense that they wanted some guavas and fruits form our trees. They ended up staying for hours and just hanging out and we had so much fun. Allison painted her nails, Elvis played DJ, Steward couldn’t get enough of my my headlight that I use when the power goes out, and Moses was just everywhere, roaming…We eventually went outside and actually picked fruit. And since the boys had most of their stuff ripped off we found some shirts they could take home…

He liked the red light

Right before I bit his cheek off...

DJ Elvis, We've seen him so much since he's been out of school, he's so different than the last time I saw him...The more I hang out with him the more extraordinary he gets.

Moses in the tree

Elvis didn't want to leave the music behind so he brought it to the tree...

Add me guava

This ones beyond help...

This one's for Jason and Matt...I have bestowed my favorite Wertz shirt to Moses

Words cannot express what I think of this picture...they're just brilliant

Today was such a good day in so many ways. Not that all the events that took place were good, but today just felt like a day of peace and restoration, amidst all the chaos of yesterday…The day after the storm where you begin to pick up the pieces and figure out where you go from here…