Monday, August 11, 2008


I can blog now!!!
The entire time I was in Ethiopia I was unable to blog because the government doesnt allow it, crazy I know...but I am now in Kenya and able to access it so you'll be hearing a lot from me...
most of it will be pics but ill write a few things here and there...
    I'm excited to finally be in Kenya, but I have to say I really miss Ethiopia. It was amazing there and getting to co-lead some teams was a great experience. So over the coarse of the next couple of days I will probably post some stories or pics from there as I am still getting settled into Kenya and don't have much to report about yet...Although we are staying in a pretty amazing home...Ill post some of those pics now.
Also, I just got a phone so if you want to call let me know and Ill send you the number...Oh also, Im going to add pics online as well, ill post that address as well...More updates to come soon
Thanks for all your support!