Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

So last night we had Christmas Eve Dinner with 13 people. Andrew and I ran to the market to get everything we needed, and no surprise it was insane...Insane is actually an understatement...We got mauled in the Khetia's Supermarket...You would have thought the world was ending it was so packed with frantic people.

I have bruises from being hit with shopping carts and at one point I had to abandon some intended items on our shopping list because I literally couldnt move through the crush of people. Ive never seen anything like it...I wish I had taken pictures...

After, we rushed home to start dinner because we were already an hour behind. As we rushed into the house I heard Christmas music and the house was beautifully decorated with all kinds of Christmas stuff. Allison was sitting on the couch just smiling. She had spent the afternoon drawing and decorating the house for Christmas...I just looked at her and started crying. It was the first time it actually felt something like Christmas...I seriously couldn't have asked for anything else...Ill post pics soon of how awesome the house looked like, she might actually have some up on her page already...It made my day...
To be honest I was kind of sad I wasn't home with my sisters and it was starting to hit me I'd never missed a Christmas, so to walk into the house the way Allison had decorated it, I couldn't have asked for more. It was great.

Dinner was a lot of fun and ended with an American/Ukrainian photo shoot...More to come