Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kitale Show

Yesterday was one of the biggest days for the Oasis kids and most of the school kids in and around Kitale...
Once a year "The Show" comes to Kitale from Wed-Sat. Its like the county fair in America. Its meant to be an agricultural show to display agricultural and farming techniques. But they also have rides, like the giant swing, which looked a little rusty, and games and attrations...all of which you have to pay for.


We had just over 100 kids from Oasis and the various schools around Kitale. Most kids were let out of school so they would be able to attend. We were told all kinds of things before we got into the show, like watch your bags and pockets because there are tons of pickpockets. One student even told me that you could get stabbed...nice. Of coarse they like to exagerate a little, but after Patrick and Manu punched a guy for trying to pickpocket before we even got into the show, everyone was paying attention...

Some plants...

Joseph gave his approval

Timo and Moses

Chris & John

A bunch of agricultural stuff I didn't know about...It was awesome because they would point something out and say "Do you know what that is?"I would ignorantly say "no" and they would explain the whole thing.

Allison, Moses and Timo

These people are making fun of the British colonists...

Omega 1, This is the dance club that stays open 24 hours a day and we can hear from our house, when it wakes me up at 330AM everyday



Some other attractions on display...

Were not quite sure what happened to this camel, all we know was it somehow ended up head-first down this hole...its one of those trainwreck things where its horrifying to watch but you almost have to look to see for yourself...They said they tried to get it out but I guess they couldn't

If you were ever curious as to how much a pigs head would cost, they could tell you


Paul & Justus



Soccer Stadium

Im going to have to cut it off here and continue tomorrow....