Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Coffee Shop

Today after church Allison and I took the Oasis kids who were in classes 5, 6, & 7 to the coffee shop in town to help them study.
Allison gave them practice exams for Maths (yes thats really what is on the book) and English..

Centrine & Winnie

Charles & Braum

15 kids showed up, it was awesome...



Soda for 16

They worked so hard for hours, so when they were finished with their tests we had a little fun...


Al & Nancy


Taditional Turkana Fighting Spear and a Traditional Turkana Pose

Al & Paul


Allison has spent hours grading the tests, in which she found numerous mistakes on the actual standard test itself. This is making it more difficult for the students because in reality the kids are getting more answers right but because the national test has some incorrect questions and answers they are getting more wrong than they normally would...
We're not sure what to do but it needs to be fixed because its the standardized test for all of Kenya.
Tomorrow all the students have the day off for Kenyatta Day so we are heading to Lydia's for more studying but also just a day to hang out and watch movies and play in the back yard...this should yeild some great ready