Tuesday, November 11, 2008

School's Out!

Today was the first day all the school kids, except for class 8 were out of school.
I told Moses that I have been waiting for this day since they went back to school in August. Not that I don't want them to go to school, I selfishly have too much fun with them and love hanging out with all the kids...

Katie has been coming here I believe since at least 2000 (?) and every time she comes she puts on a huge Field/Camp day for all the Oasis kids and to say they love it is an understatement, so they were really looking forward to this day...

We had four different stations, 2 crafts and 2 sports/outdoor activities...
There was so much going on and it was so fun, the pictures could probably do a better job of telling the days events...

Arts and Crafts with Katie and Ryanne

Steal the bacon with a soccer ball..

Sack races...

Moses, Bram, Andrew, Timo


Geoffrey even got in on the fun




Silas brake dancing...again, every time there was a camera pointed at him this is what he would do


Kevin and P.I.G.

Matt & Johnstone



Kevin playing ring toss

Jose and I perfected "the stache"...perfect arm symetry(?) and everything