Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today was kinyozi day today at Oasis. Some of the older boys had been made to go on Monday because their hair was so long. But some escaped by either avoiding Geoffrey or wearing a hat.
It costs about 20 Kenyan shillings to go to a regular kinyozi and the boys have to go every few weeks. Over time that adds up, so they just decided to buy a shaver for Oasis so they could do it themselves. Some kids were excited others not so much…Timo didn’t want to say goodbye to his hair…

Look how sad/scared Timo is...


Charles was sick with malaria so Pato took him to the hospital for some medicine and class resumed as usual…Its been fun to have the house boys around everyday. They’ve taken on the responsibility of teaching.


Its so fun to see Evans, Justus, and Moses working with the baby classes. Paul, Martin, and Bram help me with the older classes. And Stuard usually just causes trouble and tries to distract the kids…




Johnstone...the best is when he gets really excited or you can make him laugh really hard, because he shrieks and squeals, its hysterical!


We left Oasis a little early today to go into town and see if we couldn’t replace some of the essentials the boys lost when they were robbed on Sunday…You might not think it would be, but Allison and I had so much fun running around and pricing things and picking out shirts for the boys. We didn’t get everything but we were able to replace a few things…After town we went to house 2 to drop the stuff off.

Stuard's bed

Joseph's bed

Moses' new mattress and bed

None of the boys had made it home yet, so Allison and I put the sheets on their bed and distributed the some of the shirts and took off before they could get home and catch us…
Today was a good day. Not that days at Oasis are anything less, tomorrow is the medical clinic in Kipsongo and Oasis...Oh yeah and Thanksgiving