Friday, November 14, 2008

Pool Day!

Yesterday was thursday so that meant it was our day to take the kids that live at Sister Fredas to the pool at the Kitale Club. Last week we were in Nairobi so we weren't able to take the kids, and with Ryanne, Katie, and Matt all being here we were really excited to take them this week...

On thursday mornings I usually walk with Umi and Yulia (our other housemates from the Ukraine and Uzbekistan) to Sister Freda's home and then we all go into town so Freda and Richard can run their errands before we head out to the hospital and pick up the kids...Freda had to go "the market" in town to get some things and I decided to take some pictures of the craziness....

Now on to the pool...Richard said they were really looking forward to going because it had been so long since the last time.

Elia performed a musical poolside

Moses rocked the sunglasses

And also practiced his jumps


Gale and Susan

Having some chips (fries) by the pool


Elia offered Chris his pumpkin, but after Elia smeared it on the ground a couple times, Chris decided he didn't want any