Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weekend has been a lot of fun but super busy because we tried to cram as much in as possible for Katie, Ryanne, and Matt. The weekend started Friday night at house 3, with dinner with Joseph, Ovito, John, Isaiah, Wiki, and Patrick.
Again, we can't attend an event like this without bringing our cameras. We hand then out then come back at the end of the night to discover the fun....


Cooking fat, this is what you put on the jiko to help cook the chipati. You have to put it on before the Chipati and even when you flip it, all that to say all of that cooking fat is definitely ending up on your ass...


Little John can mess you up with his martial arts

They like to pose with the vegitation

Isiah's having a soccer

Ovito's Chinese

Anthony, the house dad, likes to call this our family picture

Saturday morning we went to the women's prison where James works to spend some time with the female inmates. The warden said they rarely receive visitors so they really appreciated us coming. Allison sang, Ryanne read from the bible and spoke, and at the end the warden asked if we could go to the women individually and pray for them...I have to be honest and say that I havent done this a lot so I was pretty sure I was going to screw it up. But, I ended up loving it.
As I started praying for them I just overwhelmingly wondered if anyone cared for them, if they felt loved or known. It broke my heart to think that these women might feel that they were throw aways, that no one knew they were in prison or cared. No one should feel that way. I just prayed over and over that they would know they were important and were meant for something more than prison...After the prison everyone went to Tumaini and i went home to rest. I've been sick again so I wanted to rest a little