Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chicken...Kenyan Style

To say yesterday was a lot of fun is an understatement…Lydia form Oasis of Hope threw a birthday party for all the kids form Oasis. Most of the boys don’t know when their real birthdays are so Lydia has one big birthday party for all of them. It was massive...and so much fun…I am so excited to start working at Oasis. Tomorrow is our first real day and we’re going to be there 4 days a week.

There was so much amazing food!


Jerrfey & Joseph...A.K.A. Mr. Spark...I called him Sparky tho

the shirts the boys made


Some of the girls from our bible study...

Evans & Joseph

Carol and I also did Pilates today…I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately but just use your imagination…
For dinner tonight we decided we wanted to have chicken, so yesterday we had Mary kill and de-feather a chicken for us and I was a genius and offered to prepare it today not thinking that all the organs would still be in the bird... So imagine my surprise when I opened the refrigerator to find a chicken with all of its organs including the heart, kidney’s and spinal column…its cooking now so Ill have to post an update with how it turned out…
my first time...gutting a chicken

Here’s some other fun pics I thought I’d post, like my first ride on a motor boda
my first motor boda