Saturday, February 7, 2009

Street Kid Washing Day

Among other things that happened today that I will post about later, there was a street washing at Purpose Driven Church. Street kids and moms could come and have lunch, see a doctor, and take their first bath in weeks.

How do you make Ugali for hundreds of people? Like this...

The first group to come and eat


Freda's mobile medical clinic right before it became packed with people

Some of the older boys waiting to get in, plus a random puppy I was given at the last minute. I was so excited, P.I.G., Eato, and Anthony from Oasis showed up.

After they ate, those who wanted a bath were taken outside and bathed.
Washing the street kids

Purpose Driven students in the front, street kids outside the gate

Etao and P.I.G.

Etao and Shaban

Some older street guys, I cant really call them boys.

Shaban and Etao. Shaban and Etao used to know each other from the streets. Shaban is now the prefect for class 7.

Simon even showed up. He left Fredas earlier this week after being told not to, just one of many times...

It was sheer craziness, but I thought it was a great day and I loved that people could come to one place and eat, get medical attention, and be bathed if they wanted to.


Yesterday we went to an area of Kenya called Pokot. Its about 2 hours away from Kitale, on your way to Turkana. We went to visit a school and a church out there, as well as have Freda provide her medical services

This is Pokot...

This is Hannah from Rwanda, she and her brother are staying with us for the next month or so.

Katie and her daughter Abbey led the kids in some dancing

Steve thought he was so clever hiding the ball in his shirt, I thought it was just an infection...

After Steve talked and Katies dancing we went down to a field to play some games before Freda had her clinic


Freda's Staff

The giant tree where Freda's clinic was held

The de-worming line

Jaime got timely marriage advice from Freed's during the clinic, eventhough hes not married yet...

Then we visited a church down the road where they met outside. It was a really beautiful setting...except for when I had an allergic reaction to a bug that bit my ass in the middle of the service

Pokot mamas