Sunday, October 5, 2008

Signing off...but only for a week

Tomorrow morning Chris, Allison, and I will be loading up on a bus with Ben from Gilgol High School, and heading to a region called Turkana.
We will be visiting 2 places called Kakuma and Lodwar...The first thing everyone says when we tell them that is where we are headed is, "Why would you want to go there? It's so hot!"
Who knows why but we are going to be visiting a couple refugee camps and the surrounding villages. The camps are filled with people from all over eastern Africa, including Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. We're not quite sure what to expect, other than an adventure.
So all that to say, we probably wont be posting for a week or so, and Im sure we'll have plenty when we get back. But also, please pray for our safety and health...Thanks