Monday, October 27, 2008

I haven’t blogged in a couple of days and it feels weird..I wasn’t a blogger before and I honestly didn’t want to have one but being here its fun and its easier than sending a ton of mass emails…Iwas just thinking back on the last couple of days and what I should blog about and the only thing that has been on my mind a ton is the Oasis boys.



Things have been crazy around here lately. Some have just been acting up in certain ways and not being truthful other times. But even more so 2 of the house boys have run away. For whatever reasons they packed up their clothes and left without telling anyone.. Edwin has been gone for about 3 weeks now and Jonah a little over 1 week…Its just hard to fathom how these boys can just walk away from everything they’ve worked so hard for and been given.

They came from the street, but got an opportunity to learn through Oasis of Hope and then were put into a home and school.
It just shows you never can tell. These boys have been given everything, even by American standards, they are well taken care of, and they still ran…

In the end it's their life and ultimately their decision, but the hard part is, seeing their potential and falling in love with them. You get attached and believe they are more than just street kids. Especially when they have a hard time seeing that in themselves.
I know at some point in the different missions trips Ive taken over the years I know Ive wondered "whats the point?" If they're only going to run away or give up, why try and help?...But I've discovered for the kids that run away, there are so many success stories. Places like Oasis need to be in existence to be the reason the ones who stick with it succeed. Not that these boys are failures, they've chosen to go another direction and I only hope they are ok and I will get to see their faces around Oasis again...