Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yes, this is the same baby... Emannuel was brought to Sister Freda's when we first got here in August. His mother died and he was being taken care of by his grandmother, who would come to Freda's for food, but what Freda found out was that the grandmother wasn't feeding Emmanuel. She was taking the food and eating it herself.
So Freda told the grandmother to bring Emmanuel to Freda's and he's been there ever since. Had he not come to Freda's when he did he would have died. Tonya, one of the Ukrainians who lives on our compound, has kept him on our compound for the last couple of weeks and its been so fun having him around...hes such a great baby.

August 2008

December 3, 2008

Movie Day

Yesterday we had a movie day for all the house kids at the coffee shop in town. We thought it would be a fun thing to do before Chris left town. We were so excited all the house kids showed up, total we had about 28 kids come.

The movie of choice was Home Alone, the perfect holiday movie right? It was hysterical to watch with all of them...I know I still laugh at that damn movie but just imagine watching it with a bunch of Kenyan kids who might have never seen it...The laughed, screamed, and pointed at the screen the entire movie...I think one of my favorite parts was watching Joseph watch the movie, to say he loved it is an understatement. The best was at the end when the burglers were being taken away in the cop car and Maculay Culkin waves out his window to them and Joseph waved back!

Pato, look at cute John in the background

Evans, Wiki, and Pato were some of the first to arrive. We were hanging out for a bit before and got everyone sodas before the movie started...

Paul and Alice working the glasses

Paul dug my glasses

Wiki in his best blazer


Evans plays hard to get, but he always comes around


After the movie we went to a couple stores in town to stock up. Our friend Lilac (pronounced Leelock)is back from high school and will be staying with us for a while during her break from school. Everyone went to Khetias while Lilac and I ran between Soy and the town market. I love going to the local market, they have the best vegatables and for super cheap...there are some great "mamas" there that are so sweet and love to talk to me in swahili (even though I don't know what they are saying half the time). I just nod my head and say "Eehhh" and they think I know what they are saying, it's a great way to communicate...
After the market we waited out front of Khetia's Supermarket (yes they have them here) some of the street boys that come to Oasis found me to say hello and talk for a bit. I loved getting to see them outside of Oasis, but as I walked around town it made me sad to know that those busy, dirty streets were where they slept every night.
Saturdays are so crazy in town that it makes me not want to go there very often, but after seeing all the kids in town I want to go more saturdays to just see them and hang out a little. It makes my day to see these smiling little faces (in some cases not quite so small) coming up to greet me. Despite what most people think of street kids, there are good ones out there who are just victims of circumstance.