Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, Im a little behind...

Monday we went to Oasis in the morning and then Sister Freda's Hospital in the afternoon.
Martin from house 2 needed to go too, so after being at Oasis for a bit we headed out to Freda's.

But not before we observed Joseph's newest idea...gymnastics...I think it'll be great for the kids. They'll be able to get bunch of energy out and learn some discipline at the same time.

The Oasis kids love Cassie

Onto Freda's...
Freda has about 4 or 5 giant pigs that I wanted Cassie and Martin to see

The pigs would grunt and scare the crap out of her...Martin and I laughed at her.

Cassie went "Ahhhhh, puppies!" when she saw these guys. She's a sucker for animals.

Richard took us on a walk of their farm. They grow everything from coffee, pineapple, bananas, tomatoes, napier grass, and corn to name a few.

Since Martin wasn't feeling too well he took it easy and played with the cat. It had an evil twin that kept trying to scratch the crap out of everyone. I stayed away from both of them just to be safe...


Cassie finally got to meet the little guy that I want to smuggle home...Elia

High five-a!

Next blog, swimming pool and the biggest bug I have EVER our house!