Friday, December 12, 2008

Freda's and the pool

I know i havent posted in a couple days, but after my 3 posts at once I figured that it was ok to take a break...We've been at Oasis everyday, which we've loved. One important thing I recalled from the last coupe days at Oasis was Joseph (one of the teachers) and I talking to one of the street boys, Kevin, who comes regularly about why he misses certain days. We got him to admit he still uses glue and hes struggling with giving it up, but he's going to try because he wants to go to school. Its a really hard habit to break, esp. if you live on the street...its around you 24 hours a day and it helps numb the hunger and cold, so we'll see what happens but we're working on helping him.

Yesterday was thursday so that meant it was pool day for the kids that live at Freda's...
Freda had bought them new outfits, so we put them in their fancy clothes to go to the Kitale Club to swim, but first we had a photo shoot...

In Kenya, when you look this good, they say "Iko smart"

Morgan jumped to Chris

I bit Elia

And Alice threw Liliputian Jaci



Morgan, who Andrew thinks looks like a Compton baby, so we taught him to yell "Westside!" Not to mention he has somewhat of a lisp so it sounds more like "wessssiiee."