Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last night was a huge dinner for Chris with all the Oasis staff at Geoffrey and Olivia's. Its hard to believe/really sad that Chris is leaving in one week...Its come up so fast and we wanted him to get to see everyone before he left
so the next week will be packed with dinners and seeing people.
Allison and I met Olivia in town after Oasis to get all the ingredients for dinner and then headed to their house...
We started watching White Chicks, a ridiculous movie BTW, then Olivia and I got started on cooking while Allison babysat Charlotte...We started around 330 and finally ate around 915...It honestly didnt feel that long and I had a lot of fun in the kitchen with Olivia...
We made Chipati of coarse, Chicken Curry, Peanut Chicken, Pilau (a rice dish), mashed bananas, and homemade macaroni and cheese ( I was proud of that one, esp. since i didn't think it was going to turn out).

The outside kitchen

Where the masterpieces happened

This box only contained a portion of what we made for dinner...

It was a really fun night with everyone from Oasis but sad because it was a goodbye dinner for Chris...I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Dance dance revolution

Sunday night Steve invited people over for dinner since it was his last night before he left for the Congo...total there were about 16 people. We ordered a ton of pizza and the night took its own turn...

Geoffrey's daughter, Charlotte, how beautiful is this baby?

Charlotte having a go riding the giraffe

Charlottes got some pretty sweet rhymes

The boys break dancing

Steve went around the room and made each group sing their national anthem...All those represented were America, Ukraine, Uzbeckistan, and Kenya.

Steve also suggested a dance off between the Kenyans...Lilac won eventhough Jacinta was a close 2nd

Chris gave the Kenyans a run for their money

The night ended on this wonderful note...Our Ukrainian roommate Vitalec did a dance to a hip hop chicken song and then bench pressed Chris...Chris said he liked it when he touched his butt...

Steve left yesterday for the Congo, please pray for his safety. It was fun to have him back for a few days, it's like having your dad come and visit. Its always crazy when Steve's in town, because everyone loves him and wants to see him, but it's fun when hes around.

Sunday afternoon

I haven't posted in a couple of days, partly because we've been really busy, partly because the internet sucks and even more so because my computer sucks at connecting to the internet...So theres a couple posts to catch up on...

First of all Sunday was a lot of fun, a long day, but fun. We just went to church in the morning and then some of the house boys, Moses, Steward, Evans, and Joseph came to the house to hang out for a bit...

Joseph on the way home. Look at that face.

Walking home with Joseph

Typical Moses face

Moses thought he was the only one in the world with "backne" and wanted to prove it

Steward wouldn't admit it but his feet smelled like "mafi" which in Swahili means poop.

Not really sure what Evans is doing, then again, I've never really been sure, which I think is one of my favorite things about him. Steward was narrating a mini movie.

I told you he plays hard to get

Moses thought his armpits needed freshening up...

We played soccer and just hung out. Steward and Evans and I sat in the grass for a while and just talked. They taught me mor Swahili phrases like "Im going to beat you," "I'm dying," and "swallow a razorblade"...all essentials to survival here...
After they left we got ready for our last dinner with Steve before he left for the Congo. Little did we know it was going to be a dinner for 16...