Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at Oasis

Tuesday was the big Christmas party at Oasis...Long story short I had a full report of the days events ready to post and the damn internet took it so for now Ill express the day in photos...It was unbelievable...

We got up at 5:30AM to get ready for the day and were at Oasis at 6:45AM...Im not quite a morning person, but I love the random times that I do get up at that time just for a change, and especially on a day like Tuesday...

The calm before the storm...

Our Ukrainian roommate Vitalec blew up all these balloons

All the clothes and shoes organized

Alice and Andrew were put to work peeling potatoes and organizing the clothes...

The kids started arriving by 7-7:30...Some of the first to poke their heads into the center were Kamao and Ajix...

"Oh my gosh, shoes..."


Joseph handing out the clothes...

Picking out shoes

Look how tiny Kamao is compared to Pato

Pato and his makeshift belt

Jennifer and her new skirt

The kids were so excited we could hardly keep them out of the Center and we loved getting to see the before and after. Kids would come in in their street clothes and come out in their new outfits, they looked stellar!


I have a ton of pictures from the day, but I cant get them to post so ill just chose some of the really good ones and hope those can do the day justice until the internet decides it wants to work again...

Fitting room

Elizabeth helped in the changing room

David getting ready to go change

Some of the newly dressed boys

George, P.I.G., Charles, Etao, Collins, and Donald

Kamao's photo shoot...

Christine and her friends waiting in line


Donald and Anthony

Moses and Elvis

Anthony and his glasses

Collins and his spiffy outfit, sans shoes...

The boys in their new clothes, They would get embarassed when we told them how handsome they looked


Rael likes her shoes

The other Rael approved too

In this picture I had just caught P.I.G. trying to look into the girls changing room, busted...

Teresa and her crew

Rael and Christine

The rest of the days activities consisted of taking tea, watching Home Alone until the power went out, some singing and dancing, as well as reading an email from Lydia that she sent to all of the kids, and topped off by a lunch of Chipati, meat, potatoes, and soda...

Tea Time

Allison's favorite, Bushuru sang for everyone

All the kids at the end of the day

It was a really fun day and we're pretty sure the kids enjoyed it...