Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things I Miss The Most

So I've decided I need to blog more, I think it's mostly going to be pictures.
I actually think I just want to post a picture a day of something, anything, hopefully containing beauty...

Im going to start with some of the people, places, and things I miss the most, and that filled my heart with the most joy...
Thanks for reading..


Julie Hibbard said...

Love these pictures...love you. Funny that I don't think I've SEEN you for 10 years...but I have lived life THROUGH you nearly every day.
So happy that you're happy...

courtney anne said...


wanda said...

very nice pics and story. i have a friend who wants to do something like what you guys are doing.... his kids are all grown up now and there's something he wanted so much to do in life... he wanted to see the world but along with it... he wanted to make a difference in the life of every person he'd along the way... he wanted to help .... he is not moneyed but he got so much to share like being self sufficient etc.... where can he apply for a volunteer work? thanks....

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Panharith said...
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Panharith said...

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gream said...

Love these pictures love you.

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