Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tonight, we went to house 1 for dinner. Normally it's reserved for friday nights, but since Im only here for a short time, the house dad's have thankfully made an exception.
We brought along my friend Emmanuel from Rwanda and my friend Jacinta's 3 boys, Charles, Thomas, and Joseph.

Jacinta and Joseph

Moses working hard on the chipati. While we were in the kitchen, Stone, Moses, and I swapped some great stories and just had some great conversation. I've really missed those times the most.

Charles, Thomas, and Joseph

Cassie's slowly becoming Kenyan, she's practicing her balancing skills, starting with a wide cup.

This baby randomly walked in the front door and made itself at home. Her mom came in to take her home and she won't go...She even ate our chipati...Look at those eyes, she even looks like a thief.

Mose and Paul sitting on top of their well

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