Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sister Freda's

On thursday night we went to Sister Freda's for dinner. She hosted all 18 of us from our house plus a bunch from the hospital. There were so many people!
It was just a great night for community and to spend time outside of "work"

Moses used to live at the hospital but recently moved to Freda's and now shares a room with Davis, whom I love.

I love this one of cassie, i was trying to take a picture of Freda and Richard's backyard and Cassie jumped in front

DAVIS!!! Ive missed hanging out and running around with him. He doesnt talk much, but when he does he likes to correct me in english...

Cassie loves the little kittens, they fall asleep in her lap.

Freda's granddaughter Gail

Davis had some stellar overalls and no teeth